Thinking of cashing out your Bitcoin into SGD?
Alternative to Gemini? Yes, here you go.

Today, I will be doing a simple review of a local fiat-crypto exchange – FYB-SG.
I’ve actually created an account with FYB-SG some time ago, way before I’ve actually dipped my toes into the game of cryptocurrency. But I haven’t been actually using this account till recently.

FYB-SG is a Singapore cryptocurrency exchange that have been operating since 2014. They have a really really simple platform, nothing much. No technical indicators, no funny pairs. Only Bitcoin (BTC).

For 2FA, you can use Google Authenticator for FYB-SG, simply click on ‘Security’ after registration and enable 2FA.

The price of Bitcoin does not differ too much from the big exchange in the market as well. It might even be slightly more after you’ve converted the price of BTC from USD to SGD due to the spreads.

It’s actually pretty simple to navigate around and