Every Singaporean Dilemma: Should I Get A BTO, Resale or an EC

This article will serve to answer you this question that all Singaporeans planning to get their first property will ask:

“What are the differences, Pros & Cons of each type?”

You should be able to know at the end which type is best suited for you accordingly. I have included a real-life example below

(Editor’s note: I’m writing this article from a first-person buyer’s perspective, as I have been considering this with my Fianceé with much research)

Factors we considered

As with any other kiasu Singaporeans, we went through the whole process back in 2016 to apply for BTOs in Mature estates… Lo and behold, we failed to ballot on 6 occasions (including one Sale of Balance Flats, SBF) Yes, the odds are real. Here were our top considerations:

Factors to consider Reasons Location (most important) Near to MRT, not …