Singtel, one of my favorite stock is the current most frequently debated topic based on the latest movement of it’s share price and the tremendous increase in volatility in the recent days. Do pardon me, on my very first post on Technical Analysis, and to trading gurus and seniors, feel free to correct me should you have spotted any mistakes in this post :)

Coming to it, here, we see a very bearish chart from Singtel.

You can plot your own graph for free on InvestingNote as well! With just a simple look at it, one will be able to easily tell that Singtel in currently in a downtrend.

The price today at 3.49 has breached both it’s 20D MA (3.59) and 50D MA (3.63). As much as it had slightly breached the 3.49 mark, slipping to 3.48, immediate support can be seen building at 3.49 which have held the price …