Transferring money overseas can sometimes be a real headache. This is especially so for expats in Singapore where this form of service impacts them the most.

In fact, one can incur a loss everytime they adopt a service to transfer money overseas due to a few reason:

Every platform charges a possible service or transfer fees Platforms usually give consumers a less favourable exchange rate to increase their profit margin

For consumers making a huge amount of transaction, the need to optimise cost and fees becomes even more important.

TL;DR: Players in the market: Worldremit, Instarem, TransferWise, SingX, DBS All the stated players are Registered Remittance Business with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. SingX only transfers to India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philipines. For the currencies that SingX carries, they tend to have better rates than it’s competitors. Instarem seems to have the best rates when we tested it out …