Maybe I should do one with Singapore Dollar Notes

I was bored and wondered if there are some books on Singapore Real Estate Investing that I could look at hopefully with similar vigor as Equities.

This is as a result to fulfill my curiosity in perhaps why and how property investing in Singapore is done and if it does prove to be a better yield and return vs Equities, could look into it to supplement my portfolio in the future (Maybe my own residential REIT)?

I would be more focused on Residental mostly as commercial, industrial and retail can be obtained easily via REITs.

Good books I feel on REITs would be:

  • Building Wealth Through REITs by Bobby Jayaraman
  • Investing in REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts by Ralph Block
  • REITs to Riches by Tam Ging Wien

I have found quite a few books on Real Estate Investing but …