TL;DR- Insurers want patients to pay part of hospital bills

A recent Straits Times article has been circulating online, and it is going to have a great impact on Singaporeans’ lives.

Editor’s Note: This is a summary of the Straits Times article since they made it a “Premium” article.

Six companies selling MediShield Life-linked health insurance have appealed to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to make it compulsory for existing and new policyholders to foot a portion of their hospital bills This is even if they buy riders that now cover the entire amount. It is said that patients who have full coverage of their hospital bills are claiming more frequently with bills 20%-25% higher than the rest. This pushes up premiums for everyone. It is believed that patients may be looking to pay 5%-8% of the bill, capped at a maximum yearly amount he needs to pay. The Ministry