The airlines business is a competitive one, especially with travel deals and budget fares promotions ongoing all the time.

So when I travel, I never believe in paying more than I absolutely have to. And given that most of my flights are to short-haul locations (under 7 hours), I’m a huge fan of always going with budget airlines whenever I have to fly.

I’ve shared previously about tips on how to pay less for budget flights here and that I typically avoid all the frills that budget airlines try to charge for, in order to earn an extra buck.

  • Travel insurance? No thanks, I’ll buy my own or claim it for free via my credit card.
  • Food? No thanks, I’ll eat before the flight (or pack my own snacks discreetly)
  • Drinks? No thanks, I’ll bring a water bottle and fill it at the airport’s water coolers.
  • Internet? No thanks, I …