Well, Sapphire clearly isn’t the gem that I thought it was – it is now officially the 2nd counter out of my 12 divestments for which I have lost money.

All divestments made in 2018 by Author, price includes transaction costs
Divestment Rationale – Sapphire
In my initiation report (here), I wrote the following about Sapphire:
“Sapphire Corporation is a turnaround that is now poised to be a fast grower.”
1 year on, I think it is about time to admit that they have neither turned their business around nor grown their business. Let us just leave the “fast” part out of the equation in order not to embarrass myself further.
Source: Author’s compilation

Divestment is therefore primarily due to failure of investment thesis.

Timing of Divestment

To be frank, I still do believe in the long term prospects of Sapphire. I was also fine with …