Two young adults, Kimberly and Johnathan starts out in their careers at the age of 25. Kimberly saves $20,000 a year and invests her money to earn only 4% investment returns while Jonathan saves $15,000 and invests his money to earn 7% investment return. Who will have higher net worth after 15 years?

Surprisingly, it turns out that Kimberly would have higher net worth in 15 years at age 40 even though she achieved lower investment returns. How is this possible?

Let’s take a look how this pans out in a chart as seen below:

As we can see, because Kimberly saves an extra $5000 a year, she is ahead of Jonathan even though she only earns an investment return of 4% vs 7% which Jonathan earns. This shows that investment returns doesn’t matter as much at the start of our lives or career. We should focus on saving more …