It has been a year since I last wrote about telcos. Looking back at what I wrote, it has been gratifying to see that I was right about M1’s revenue/ profits bottoming out sometime in 2H2017 and Starhub facing challenges in its Pay TV and broadband businesses. See Challenging Times Ahead for Starhub’s Dividends for more info.
Even so, there have been hits and misses in my analysis. One of the misses is the Impact of SIM-Only Plans on Telcos. There, I wrote that “for each subscriber who chooses to switch (from regular telco plans), SIM-only plans will result in a significant drop in revenue. The impact to profit is also negative but smaller than the decline in revenue. However, the no. of subscribers who choose to switch to SIM-only plans is likely to be small.”
A year later, I have a better understanding of SIM-only plans. My analysis …