With reference to my earlier write-up (click HERE), besides SGX listed stocks, clients and readers can consider to take a look at some of the China banks listed on HK stock exchange. They may be interesting due to their upcoming results which may present some potential trading opportunities, especially when some of them have fallen 13-14% from their recent highs on 29 Jan 2018.


Why do I choose HK listed China banks, instead of our local banks for potential trading opportunities?

1. On a macro picture, Hang Seng seems to be slightly stronger than STI based on chart. For example, Hang Seng closed at its 100D exponential moving average (“EMA”) but STI gapped down below its 100D EMA;

2. HK listed China banks trade at much lower valuations, thus they may be easier to surprise on the upside. For example, both China Construction Bank (“CCB”) (00939.HK) and …