This time round. It’s more attractive!

The SSB issue for May 2018 offers a 1.65% interest for the first year! Stretching up to 3.00% for the 10th year. Aside this, the SSB monthly issurance size has also increased from the usual 150 million to 200 million due to increasing demand for SSB!

Image taken from SSB’s site – Seems like SSB is getting some popularity in recent days!

As usual, I’ve been looking around for a good place to park some funds for a short term. Today’s release of SSB for May 2018 has come to me as a surprise.

The rates we see here today is even better than rates offered by fixed deposits from banks that I know off (in SGD for 12 months)!

I’ve mentioned earlier in a post back in January about the shiny part I like for the SSB issued in Feb 2018:

1. The flexibility in your