In my post yesterday, I mentioned that my wife shaped a lot of my current self.
One of the things she has taught me is to live life a bit more.

And one of the key take aways about this way of thinking is NOT to be frugal just for the sake of being frugal.
The point here is, we aren’t aiming live on the lowest common denominator.
The lowest common denominator being… to live as frugal as possible, taking up freegan activities to obtain stuff for free, and saving the rest.
This means eating free food or chai-png FOREVER, cold baths, not taking transport and just using your legs…

All of us are trying to strike a balance.  Even though I get a lot of my stuff for free, I also try to keep a balance on what I allow myself to indulge on.

What’s the big deal to die with $20 million worth of assets? …