I believe for a lot of us, we have a goal to plan for our retirement, or even achieve FIRE at some point in life. A starting point to decide the amount of wealth is to base it off:
Amount of wealth to accumulate Drawdown amount/rate (that is, how much are you drawing to live off the accumulated wealth) Our life expectancy (as morbid as it sounds) The typical drawdown rate seems to be based off 3-4% drawdown annually. This brings us to being able to live on this sum for 25 years – 33 years, not taking into account inflation or unexpected spending.

I’ll explore the wealth to be accumulated for retirement based off:

Drawdown amount of $12,000 annually. Effective drawdown amount (at 3% inflation) equivalent to $12,000 annual drawdown. In Singapore, the typical retirement age is 65. So shall we see how much wealth to accumulate (per person) to …