< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 16th April 2018 Most of my expenditure is on sustenance. Yes, I meant food. You can contribute your thoughts like Junel here. Grab’s acquisition of Uber and what it means to riders and drivers?

So, we all know Uber and Grab has merged.

Grab’s acquisition of its rival’s south-east Asian business has been the talk of the town. Considering that even my non-tech-savvy mother uses these apps to get around, I would think a good portion of Singaporeans has been affected by the news.

Impact of the acquisition of Uber on riders

The inconvenience is largely minimal. All Uber drivers need to do is to download the Grab app if they had not previously had it. Chances are, most people already have both Grab and Uber apps to compare prices for their rides, taking the cheaper option whenever.

Up till now, there has