< BACK TO MAIN BLOG 17th April 2018 Turns caffeine into digestible finance content. You can contribute your thoughts like Ming Feng here. TL;DR: Medisave in 5 Seconds Medisave is a national savings scheme to help Singaporeans save up for medical expenses in future. Money in the Medisave Account enjoys 4% risk-free  interest rate per annum (until 31 December 2018) The Basic Healthcare Sum for Medisave is currently set at S$54,500 One can use his Medisave for his own treatment or that of his immediate family members. Approved expenses include health screening, vaccinations, hospitalisation treatment, end-of-life care, outpatient treatment of approved chronic conditions etc. All you need to know about Medisave

What is Medisave?

Here’s a quick recap of our CPF system, as mentioned in Seedly’s CPF Crash Course:

Here’s how your CPF allocation looks like:

Accounts Usage Interest Guaranteed Allocation Ordinary Account (OA) Housing, Investments, Education …