I vaguely remember drawing up some grand plans 10 years ago. I think it probably included a career as a high-flying civil servant, a lovely/capable wife along with two beautiful kids (preferably a boy and a girl) plus staying in a condominium with a continental drive readily accessible in the car park.

Except for the wife part, the rest have not been on point. And 22 year old me definitely did not make any plans to become a full-time tutor or adopt an online persona as Mr 15HWW.

Things just “happened along the way”.

In this chapter, author Rolf Dobelli talks about how we always over-emphasize on the set-up but neglect the fine art of correction. I couldn’t agree with him more on this.

But really, this is not surprising. The education system penalises us with “corrections” for mistakes. The army reinforces this thinking with the idea “Do it once, …