As announced on my IPO Facebook Page this morning, i have refreshed my chilli ratings for the IPO to include a “likely opening price vis-a-vis the IPO price” based on the chilli ratings. You can access the latest ratings criteria here.

The refreshed ratings is in response to questions from readers who always inevitably, one way or another, ask me what i think the opening price will be. As such, i have decided to make it easier by sharing with readers what i think the opening price will be and that will be tagged to the chilli ratings as well
To recap:
Chopped Chilli – around or below IPO price
1 Chilli – 0% to 10% above IPO price
2 Chilli – 10% to 20% above IPO price
3 Chilli – More than 20% above IPO price
In this regard, using the 2 IPOs as an example, SLB development debut well at my ratings of 1.5 chilli …