I really hate tracking my expenses, cos it’s just troublesome, and it’s not like I’ll proactively make changes to my spending habits due to tracking my expenses.

As mentioned many times, I don’t buy stuff, so that in itself controls my expenses.
My current monitoring of my expenses is pretty much to understand how freegan life changes has helped reduced my overall expenses and also to have a look at all my special/misc expenses.

Cos it seems like every month, there’s always a special expense that crops up.
So I’m thinking, over a long period, special expenses isn’t really special anymore, and basically it means that special expenses are monthly normal expenses.

Expenses this month really went through the roof.
​Mainly due to the special expenses.

My wife had a dental expense half paid last month $600, an $700 paid this month.

We went to Taiwan, $636 for our hotel for the both …