April is my birthday month. In fact, I just celebrated my birthday less than a week ago. However, instead of splashing out on a meal, we kept it relatively simple this time round.

A $50 dinner, a few slices of pandan chiffon and a free ice cream sundae from Swenson’s.

This is the first time we didn’t order anything to go along with the free treat. So one more image below for you, Swenson!

It was my preferred option since we had already spent quite a bit dining out this month, falling victim to birthday month promotions at places like Sushi Tei & Canton Paradise.

However, because somehow there wasn’t any big miscellaneous expenses, we still managed to keep the month’s expenses to $3,250.

With that, the average monthly expense for this year has dropped to a very reasonable $3,668. Maybe, just maybe, we can maintain this ballpark figure till …