KPO is sharing another ridiculously good deal! Unfortunately, this is only for Samsung Pay users!
As Singapore moves towards a cashless society, mobile contactless payment should not be new to anyone. Samsung Pay/Google Pay (previously known as Android Pay)/Apple Pay works similarly to credit/debit cards payWave with the convenience of having all your cards in one device. On top of the usual credit cards rewards/benefits, one can still earn more points/rewards by using mobile contactless payment!

For instance, Milelion recently blogged about the possibility of earning 8 miles per dollar through Citibank-Apple Pay 20X promotion. On the other hand, there is Samsung Pay that rewards users through their own points/rewards system where one will be able to exchange for various items. The return/cashback is slightly difficult to quantify because points are awarded on a transactional basis (not based on spending).

There are 3 reward levels – Bronze (10 points), Silver (20 points), and Gold (30 …