Read? As Long Term Investors; We Will Do Well???

Bruce3 May 2018 at 10:48:00 GMT+8

Uncle8888, 7.3% over 18years, HUAT!

from the info i have:
a) STI started Jan 2000 at 2231, 3573@2018/04/16, CAGR=2.6% (this however w/o dividend contribution, if assume there is so-called ‘pseudo’ 3% yield avg, CAGR is 5.6%)
Uncle8888’s skill not bad, beat index a lot.

b) STI ETF started in 2002 April(when STI stood at 1730), based on its website info:
till 2018/04/12, 10y, 4.36%, 
since inception(11 Apr 2002) 16yr,7.52%(this includes dividend contribution)
it shows it is difficult to beat ETF fund, even though it is not time horizon exactly aligned comparison.

How to achieve 16 yr,7.52% (this includes dividend contribution) in STI ETF? …