Most people don’t really proactively plan for their retirement and don’t think they will ever get old.
And many people may just save subconsciously or spend subconsciously.
I think usually many people get a wake up call at around 55 and they realize they can’t be working forever and they start to rush to plan for their retirement. Or they hope that their CPF is enough for them to retire.

So I was thinking… What IF someone doesn’t plan for retirement?
How much will he need to survive?
How much time will he need to turn the situation around?

Now… we’re not talking about financial independence here.
I’m talking about someone who is approaching 65 years old and he’s probably going to be out of a job.
Or maybe he doesn’t want to work anymore, or whatever.
I’m going to calculate it based on a life expectancy of 85 years old.
So this person needs to live for another 20 …