It had been some time since I last wrote anything about CDG.

Recalling back, the last time I officially wrote something about CDG is back in December 2017 regarding the alliance with Uber.

Source: ComfortDelGro In the recent days, CDG had a good run. Which is probably also one reason why I decided to write a little about it today. Source: Google – CDG’s Share Price
The title of this blog post may sound really misleading but I’m sure that some readers would probably guess it right from reading the title.

I’m not lying!

Feeling bored from work some days ago, I’ve also decided to a do a simple TA on ComfortDelGro to understand a little bit more about the recent price actions.

To cut things short, I’ve decided to reduce my exposure with CDG and sold 600 shares of ComfortDelGro at 2.38 in the market today.

To simplify it, with an average