This year, I been reviewing the Singapore Government Bond rates consistently.

The above shows the 1 year and 10 year yield for the Jun 2018 Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) that you could bid for since Singapore Savings Bonds started in 2015.

The 10 year yield to maturity is rising, but despite the talk of rising interest rate, it is still below that in 2015 (which puts into perspective what has changed such that only now, we seem to be more worried about rates rising. What about in 2015?)

However, the 1 year rates have been going up such that currently its closer to 1.68%.

The question on my mind (and perhaps on many of yours as well) is how come our bank interest rates are not rising.

The bank’s fixed deposit rates have been at 0.25% for the longest time. Given the credit rating of the Singapore …