Have you ever wondered why there so many free workshops, webinars, seminars?

You can’t scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing an ad for one. Did you attend one and found it a giant waste of time?

It’s no surprise.

  1. Your “coach” designed these workshops to sell you stuff
  2. They designed these workshops to create questions
  3. They want to move you from curious onlooker to buyer

These free workshops do not give you free information. There’s no free lunch, people. A free workshop is a sales tool.

There’s a well-known structure for these workshops. A structure that’s been around for a long time. I’ve attended workshops in the 1990s with the same techniques as those used today. The Internet just refined something that was always there. Made it easier for the hunter to shoot the rabbits.

If your Facebook feed has an endless number of these ads, …