It’s quite ridiculous really.
After I embarked on my freegan journey…

Note, as I said before. I’m not 100% freegan. I just get a lot of things for free and spend money on things that can’t be easily obtained for free.
But yet I don’t desire much things so in the end, I don’t really spend much anyway.
So most of my necessities are obtained for free or are paid for by the vouchers on the AIA vitality app.

The thing is… After living like this for a couple of months. It becomes apparent. For me, it’s hard to turn back.

When I hear my friends talk on WhatsApp or post pictures on Facebook.
Or when I see my mum buy stuff from the supermarket. Or when I see people choose fruits at a fruit shop…

I can’t understand it anymore.

When people send me a good deal saying they bought something at 3 for $10… I smile at …