Singaporeans love to eat, which explains the myriad of eateries and restaurants found all over the island. Some of the more established Food and Beverage (F&B) players even went on to list on the local stock exchange when they have attained certain scale.

And among the listed restaurant operators, Jumbo Group Limited is synonymous with one of Singapore’s iconic dishes – Chilli Crab, that is served daily to thousands of diners in 5 of its namesake restaurants locally.

However, consumers’ taste can be fickle and it is inherently challenging to maintain and grow an F&B company. Here are seven key things to know about Jumbo Group to ascertain if it is a worthy investment.

Stock Information

Stock Quote: 42R

Market Capitalisation: $360 million

Industry: Hotels, Restaurants, and Leisure


Jumbo Group Limited runs five seafood restaurants in Singapore, five in China, and one each in Taiwan and Vietnam. Besides Jumbo …