This week, the Japanese government removed at least 62,000 homes, apartments and rooms from Airbnb’s inventory, reported Japan’s Nikkei newspaper.

This is in response to the country’s new home share – or minpaku – law that comes into effect on June 15.

The official statement from Airbnb, taken from Conde Nast, is that, “Any reservation scheduled for guest arrival between June 15 and June 19 at a listing in Japan that does not currently have a license has been cancelled”.

As a result of the removal of listings, this will leave visitors with fewer options for lodging over the busy summer tourist season.

July is the time when hotels are full for reservations, but because of the removal of Airbnb listings, hotels would likely be filled before July, according to Japantimes.

Initially, the government set June 15 as the deadline for rental properties to obtain proper government licensing in order …