I’m penning this as I watch Hans Zimmer in Concert – Prague 2017 on Netflix.

For the uninitiated, Hans Zimmer is one of pre-eminent composers for movie scores of all times. He’s written scores for movies such as Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight Rises, Crimson Tide, Sherlock Holmes, Inception, etc to name a few. I’m a big movie fan, and a closet fan of symphonic music given my teenage influence from playing in the band for 6 years – I’ll strongly urge you to check out Hans Zimmer. You might actually like his music!

I digress.

It has been a tough few weeks at the office. Since my last post, I’ve actually begun execution of my plan to leave the bank. Got my finances sorted out, medical check ups done, and steeled myself to pull away from the herd, without a major push factor in the …