In a blink of eye, there goes the first quarter of 2018.
Time truly flies, and once again it’s time for the quarterly report about dividend again.
It’s nice to be receiving dividends isn’t it?
Throughout the 1st Quarter of 2018, I’ve received dividends from:
– Singtel
– Starhill Global REIT

Coupling with the 3 cents of special dividends from the successful divestment of Netlink Trust and the usual final interim dividend that SingTel have been giving out for the past 3 years, we come up to a dividend of 9.8 cents per share for SingTel.

Investors of SingTel must bear in mind that the special dividend is an one-off event and is not likely to happen every single year. Nonetheless, with my increased exposure in SingTel, I look forward to more meaningful dividend from them in the coming future.

The dividends are paid on 10/01/18 and I’ve received $13.72.

Starhill Global REIT
SGR on the …