In the past couple of month, there were quite a number of local news relating to the fixed income space. Have a look below:

1. MAS scraps $50k issue limit for Singapore Savings Bonds (The Straits Times on March 02, 2018) 2. Trading of Hyflux shares, perpetual securities halted (The Straits Times on May 24, 2018) 3. Investors can consider Temasek’s first retail private equity bond to help supplement retirement income: Ho Ching (The Straits Times on JUN 4, 2018)

Introduction There are 3 parts to the article today relating to the 3 articles above.

1. The burgeoning demand of the growing wealth of retail investors seeking higher yield.
2. A cautionary tale that sometimes all that glitters may not be gold
3. The “right” way to introduce a new product to the retail market

First, it was often thought of as unusual that Singapore, a first world country with one …