Disclaimer : I am a Hyflux N2H ( 6% CPS ) holder , my view may carry some biases towards company I have vested. As I said in my previous blog post , we shouldn’t blame anyone for lost incurred in our investment except ourselves.

This is what caught my attention and I think this will further contribute to better bottom line of SP power ….. Yes , SP Power is making close to $900 mil per year  ( Base Annual Report from SP Power – here ) and all the Genco are bleeding and in red of more than -$357 Mil in 2016 ( I’m sure it will be much more than this figure in 2017 and some estimated it could be close to $1 Bil )

While :

“Singapore’s power generation sector has a total capacity of 13,350 megawatts (MW). Peak demand,however, averaged only 7,000 MW in the …