As per my earlier post (click here to see more), after attended the 3-days Agile course (to be more specific, the Certified Scrum Master course), I’ve been thinking how whether Agile framework is applicable for non-work (non-business project) related project/activity like investing.

After some googling, I managed to find at least one sharing of applying Agile in Family Matter, in the form of TED Talk – Agile Programming – For Your Family (by Bruce Feiler). Enjoy this less than  18 minutes TED Talks which I thought is quite eye-opening, especially for the parents.

The key take-away (for me) from this TED Talk is : never under-estimate the “self-organizing” power of your child (for that matter, anybody else).

Next up, for me to explore further on the application of Agile in investing (if there is any relevance at all).