These comments have been going around the Whatsapp chat with my neighbours.
We are around 3 years into our minimum occupation period (MOP) so there’s a number of people who are thinking about UPGRADING! What a wonderful topic…

The story is the same.
We have made a certain amount due to the appreciation of our HDB.
It’s time to use this profit to downpay another property and take up another loan. They have even started calculating how much loan they are able to take with their current income.
Although we still have another 2 more years left before any of us are able to realistically sell and move out.

Now, of course everyone is entitled to have their own dreams and how they want to progress along with their lives. Not everyone is thinking about upgrading.
Some want to move to a condo, others want to move to a landed property.
They are also of differing income levels …