Critical illness insurance pays you a lump sum either when you’re first diagnosed with it or after a surgery that the policy covers. This specific insurance is meant to cover post-hospitalization costs.

How is it normally sold: 

  • Stand-alone plan
  • In a whole life policy plan
  • Optional Rider to an existing whole life plan


  • Major Cancers
  • Heart Attack
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Stroke/Kidney Failure

Pointers to Note:

  • Waiting period; usually, during diagnosis or for surgery there would be a waiting period – Do consult your agent immediately to ask what is the best course of action. Negligence and naivety can make you lose your benefits if the waiting period is ignored.
  • Amount paid can vary depending on the stage of the cancers
  • Coverage duration is a key factor that you might want to consider (E.g Coverage till you’re age 99 is twice as expensive as compared to the …