As 9/07/2018
Stock Portfolio 
Current portfolio value: $4219               Growth in monthly portfolio value: 4.28%
Previous month’s portfolio value: $4046

Capital injection/liquidation for the month:$ +$650
Total Amount Invested till previous month: $4084
Unrealized profit/loss till now: +$136
Gain/ Loss on investments’ cost: +3.32%

Dividend received for the month: –
(No of companies on holding: 6 )
(OCBC Bank, Kimly, NetLink NBN Tr, APAC Realty, Raffles Medical Group Ltd,ProNex)

Commentary: Managed to get 1000 shares from ProNex IPO. Due to the unexpected property cooling policy ProNex is trading below IPO price, and for this month my overall portfolio is struggling between Gain and Lose territories. However I am still long my position in local market even though trade war news is still hanging around and local property sector is affected by government policy. I will keep adding in fundamentally strong companies into my portfolio and build a strong stock based.

Current ETF value: $734.81 …