And here are this week’s lineups…

1000 Days Without A Paycheck (Mr. Tako Escapes) 

“Just like learning to swim, you fear the water until you’re experienced enough to know that you won’t drown. It takes time and practice to become a good swimmer, and feeling comfortable with financial independence is like that too.

You have to learn how to swim in the waters of life without a paycheck. That paycheck is like a pair of floaties — holding you up out of the water. Until you take them off, you won’t learn to swim.”

One of my favourite bloggers in the FI space, Mr Tako shares his thoughts after making it to the 1000th day without a paycheck. Read about his life and thoughts after early retirement.

How to Deal with Unsupportive Family and Friends on Your Way to FI (Millennial Revolution) 

“When it comes to facing haters on your