An Afternoon Date with BIGScribe Investor Exchange 2018

I attended BIGScribe Investor Exchange recently held at DBS Auditorium. It was a content-packed afternoon with different speakers, including Stanley of Value Invest Asia sharing their unique strategies and personal experience investing in the equity market.

For the uninitiated, BIGScribe is a group of influential financial bloggers who banded together with the aim of providing unbiased content to the information-hungry public, and linking financial bloggers/influencers to the right brands. More info about BIGScribe can be found here.

The Speakers

There were five speakers at the event. In order of speaking sequence:

An Overview of Each Speaker’s Talk

Every speaker brought with them their unique stock investment strategy built upon many hours of research, testing, refinement, and implementation. Taken together, it enabled audiences to gain new perspectives and help improve their investment process.

First up, Stanley shared about how investing in quality growth company can be rewarding in the long term. …