Dear Disney,

I’m sorry it has to end, but it’s all over between us. I’m breaking up with you. 

I know, I know, we only really just got together barely a month plus ago (FY18Q2 -“Fun Isn’t Something One Considers When Balancing TTI’s Portfolio. But This…(heh heh heh heh) Does Put A Smile On My Face.”)

Look, I’m not a player. I really thought we were going to last… I mean, we really connected the past month, didn’t we? We had really really good times together and I really planned on holding on to you. Some nights… oh my. Sitting in front of the laptop, you and me, against the world….

I felt I truly understood everything about you, your past history and all your future dreams and plans. It took some time, you aren’t exactly an easy girl to understand, but it was all worth …