I landed in Perth on Saturday.
nIt’s gonna be quite a long trip. 9 days. As usual she’s working half the time and I’ll have to explore a bit on my own.

nnThe first thing that struck me when I got here is how expensive the food is.

nI mean food here is more expensive than in Paris.
nWhich I find absolutely amazing.

nIf you account for exchange rate, Paris food is more expensive. But that’s not how you’re supposed to look at cost of living in most countries.
nSingaporeans earn S$3000, they go to Malaysia and think everything is cheap. But many don’t realize. Malaysian earn less than MYR3000.

nSimilarly, in Australia, or Europe, people earn AUD or EUR, 3000. So when we go to other countries we aren’t really supposed to do a FX conversion.

nLike in Singapore. You earn S$3000, you can get a meal for S$3.
nIn Paris, I can get a sandwich for around …