It had been some time since I wrote anything about CPF.

It had also been close to a year since I shared my last “peep” into my CPF Accounts.

Read: Peep into the 19-year-old student CPF Account – Transfer from OA to SA

I’ve decided to make it more meaningful this time round aside from sharing the figures alone, and I will briefly write to myself about my feelings, experience, and thoughts towards the process.

Source: CPF Board – BRS 2016~2020

The CPF scheme is designed and created to help working Singaporeans and PRs to primarily fund their retirement, health care and housing needs.

For every dollar we’ve earned from our employment, the government and our employer is helping us to contribute and “subsidize” on our costs towards funding for our retirement, healthcare and even getting a house. 

For what it matters, perspective is important.

I’m sure there’s many who view the CPF as a “stupid” …