Single or married, if we are looking for a home in Singapore, the best value for money option is still a brand new HDB flat (i.e. BTO HDB flat), if we are allowed to buy one, of course.

Heavily subsidised, brand new HDB flats pass the Rule of 15 test with flying colors.

Don’t know what is the Rule of 15 test?

Rule of 15.

Singles weren’t always allowed to buy new HDB flats.

Although allowed to buy only a one bedder (i.e. 2 room flat), allowing singles to buy new HDB flats is progressive thinking as many more young Singaporeans are staying single.

Space wise, having lived in a shoebox apartment for 4 years now, unless we are hoarders of material goods, I believe there is enough room for a single person in a 2 room HDB flat.

My home is a hut in the sky.