We’re organizing a private and premier half-day trip to $Centurion(OU8.SI) for investors to see and get a feel of a listed company’s day-to-day operations. This is part of a new initiative that allows investors to get insights directly with listed companies!

Being able to go behind the scenes and understand how the business really functions is a totally different experience. It marks a huge leap forward compared to analyzing a company’s operations and financial numbers on paper.

Moreover, you will be able to gain deeper insights into Centurion’s workers and student accommodation business by touring the grounds, attend a special Corporate Presentation and a Panel Discussion with its key management executives including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Get exclusive access to company grounds and gain true insights on how operations are run, all from the bottom up.

This practice is coined by legendary investor Philip Fisher as “scuttlebutt …