Podcast Episode 20 – Sometimes You Gotta Embrace the Suck Podcasts
By hiveup, 3rd September 2018

Qiuyan and Michael had a quick discussion on how exercising is important to keep your mind clear.

They had also talked about how the more you practice connecting the dots, the more you realize you can. They had also discussed on how you can be proactive about this and actually set aside time to think, write down ideas and keep an ‘ideas book’. This is pretty important.

How does writing it down help? It helps focus on real ideas and eliminates noise. It also helps you remember. When Michael is recording, he is sometimes frantically writing…in a way, if it is not written down, the idea never early existed. They also agreed that writing is better than typing.

They talked about how when you build your own business, you have to (can?) decide what kind …