To be really honest, I actually never heard of Silverlake Axis Ltd (5CP.SI) until a couple months ago. At the recent Financial Horse giveaway, I invited readers to suggest companies they wanted Financial Horse to review, and surprisingly, Silverlake Axis Ltd beat the runner up SingTel by quite a fair margin. This got me really intrigued, and over the past few weeks, I have been reading up on every single material I could get my hands on that talked about Silverlake Axis Ltd.

Basics: What is Silverlake Axis

Silverlake Axis describes themselves as:

Silverlake Axis Ltd (SAL) provides technology and related services to the Banking, Insurance, Payments, Retail and Logistics industries. Founded in 1989, SAL has built an impeccable track record of successful core banking implementations.

Their core business involves providing the backend software to banks in South East Asia (primarily Malaysia), and providing ongoing maintenance services to the …