Came across Capitaland chart and found it is rather interesting from Elliott Wave Supercycle degree, assuming its price follows Elliott Wave pattern.

The data was from 2000 till now and for that period of 18 years, it appears only move from Supercycle Wave ((C)) to Supercycle Wave ((1)) and to Supercycle Wave ((2)).

Wave ((C)) happened in 2003, the period when economy recession (2001 to 2003) plus SARS outbreak sent its price into correction.

Wave ((1)) peaked in 2007 prior to the 2008 GFC due to US subprime crisis.  In general market indices and most stocks recovered from the correction in 2009 but Capitaland continued the corrective till now, a period of 11 years.  It is quite a lengthy correction but not impossible in Elliott Wave Supercycle degree, the longest encountered so far is Creative Technology’s 15 years.  As for what caused the correction to be so …