(A letter to all the insurance agents I’ve ever encountered and what I wish I could tell them.)
Dear insurance agent(s),
Please stop hounding us at MRT stations and bus interchanges. We really are not interested, especially when we’re rushing to get to our next destination or to our next appointment. It really isn’t nice to stop us in our tracks when we’re rushing, and no, following us around doesn’t make you look any better. 

Image source: Hardwarezone
Please stop trying to entice us with “freebies” or hiring pretty “xiao mei meis” to ask us to do a “survey”. We’re not stupid, we know there’s no free lunch in the world and you’re just trying to get us to sit down for a consultation. We understand you’re having a long and hard day doing your roadshows, but we’re not the right leads you’re looking for either. And …