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Work-Life Balance is a Lie (Deserting Debt) 

When people talk about “work-life balance”, they are discussing it as if they are two totally unrelated things. Work and life coexist in such complicated ways that you must ensure that both are emotionally and mentally healthy.

What Are the Alternatives to Early Retirement? (Abandoned Cubicle) 

It would appear that the happiest nations (Denmark and other Scandinavian countries) are not even aware of early retirement, and get along just fine without it. Why wouldn’t they? The longest living, healthiest among us continue to work until their time on earth is done.

Why Middle Management Sucks (Accidental FIRE) 

I found out quickly that middle management is a tough place to be when upper management sucks. There’s tons of research and literature out there about the difficulties of middle management. It’s a job that forces you to constantly pivot between …