I was playing with excel over the weekend, and was thinking if there is any difference if one were to invest at the high, the other at the low for Dollar Cost Averaging. I downloaded the data for STI index from 2007 to now, and over these periods it is not difficult to identify the high and low. Using the monthly data, STI index hit at the high of 3805 and low at 1595.


  1.  To invest $100 and dollar cost avg from these months onwards till today, high on Oct 2007 and low on feb 2009
  2. Just buy, no sell
  3. Dividends are not included
  4. I divided the close price by 100 to get New Close as I want to work on smaller number
If one had invested $100 in 2009(LOW), the return today will be about 122%. If one invest in  2007(HIGH), the return today will be about …